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Tiae Drops Debut Single ‘Fun Times’

As the temperature rises, so does our demand for a feel-good summer anthem: Enter Tiae.

With his debut track 'Fun Times' dropping this past Tuesday, the Roseville native is already scorching up the scene.

But does it stack up to the growing bar of 612 Hip-Hop? You be the judge...

Youtube: Fun Times

With a crisp hook and rangy vocals, the 33-year-old sports impressive polish for a debut track.

Now that you've heard for yourself, let’s meet MN's newest MC...

Why is now the time for you to start making music?

Growing up in a musical family, it's been my therapy for as long as I can remember. Whether I was making compositions in church or blasting my boom box when life had me down, music is the one constant through it all. To answer your question though, I decided it was time for me to really bet on myself. No matter what happens, I'm looking back 10 years from now with no regrets because I did what was true to me.

How would you describe your style as an artist?

Though my first track leans into Afro R&B, you’ll soon see that it’s hard to put me in a box. I can't wait to keep experimenting with different genres and styles in pursuit of my unique voice; I think 'Fun Times' is a great start though...

With your first track under your belt, what’s your plan for the rest of 2022?

Man, I can already see my first EP coming together. When you fully commit to pursuing a goal, a wave of momentum tends to follows you; this is no different. With that, I prefer to let the music speak for itself; just stay tuned...

What‘s the story behind ‘Fun Times’?

Though the vibe is upbeat and smooth, the song is really about a breakup. I think that by changing the story around your pain, you can actually make peace with it. The song's basically saying ‘I know we’re done, but let's end on a high note: take this last dance.’


‘Fun Times’ is available now on Spotify and YouTube!



If you liked his first track, stay tuned with Tiae on Instagram ⬇️


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-Cameron Hernandez

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