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Solo Dolo: SOLANA Brings a Malibu Breeze to the 612

📸 by @amyoftheatmosphere

As winter fades away, it’s time to heat up your playlist accordingly…

For this week’s WaterWave Radar, we‘re kicking off March with SOLANA, a fast-rising R&B artist based in Minneapolis.

Originally from Prior Lake, SOLANA sports a rich discography of lush, high range vocals over smooth, west-coast pop tracks.

With his unique blend of soulful harmonies and crisp, catchy hooks, he’s alreary sprouting fan bases everywhere from Florida to L.A...

Artwork by @d.illustratess


Fresh off the release of his latest EP ‘Day Dream’, let’s see how the hometown hero got his start…

How did you first get into music?

So I started as a bass player in a high school band with some friends. Around the time I graduated though, I decided to pursue a solo career under my own name. I still love collaborating with other artists, but I tend to prioritise my own vision as a creative.

Who are your main influences as an artist?

I’ve always loved Toronto R&B, so area staples like Drake and Party Next Door are huge for me; I really gravitate towards their smooth caedences and wide vocal range. I also love Omar Apollo. He’s a Latino artist who combines vibe and vulnerability really seamlessly.

📸 by @amyoftheatmosphere

Do you have any other passions around music?

Yeah, I actually teach music lessons! I love passing on what I’ve learned on my path to help younger musicians hone their craft and turn their passions into skill sets. Teaching is also a great way to learn yourself because I’ll often explain something to a student in a way that I myself had never before articulated. It’s a rewarding role that‘s taught me as much as it has anyone.

What does a successful 2022 look like for you?

Man, I’d have to say just spreading my fanbase to other regions. What’s cool now is I’ve got listeners all over the country(Florida, Texas, L.A.), so I’d love to tap in with them and perform in new cities! My vision for the end of this year is to double my current fan base.


With that, let‘s break down the vibes of his two latest tracks…

Artwork by Bree

Track 1: ‘Better Off’

Our first track, ‘Better Off’ radiates a smooth west coast drive type of feel. With it’s crisp chorus and soothing melody, ‘Better Off’ feels like like sparking a joint on the beach after a long day of work.

Track 2: ’I Got You’

The second track, ‘I’ve Got You’ gives off a slicker, radio-pop vibe. SOLANA does a great job contrasting a catchy, vibrant hook with softer, mellowed-out verses. The silk blend of funk and pop fuses makes it the perfect track for your next summer kickback.

All in all, both tracks off ‘Day Dream’ take unique angles into the same radiant, west coast aesthetic that drives SOLANA’s sound as a whole.

Artwork by @d.illustratess

But don’t take my word for it: Be one of the first to hear ’Day Dream’, available now on all streaming platforms!



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-Cameron Hernandez


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