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Packing the Pour House; CITY TKOVR VOL. 4

It’s not every night you get to pack the Pour House with a ticket that includes all local talent. On March 4th, the “WaterWave + NDO City TKOVR” pulled off that feat with authority. It was a night filled with the poignant energy of leveling up. The stakes felt high as people made their way through the doors, and once the night got rolling, there was no stopping what would go on to be one of WaterWaves’s best shows yet. The lineup included ULOVEFOSTER, Niko Slim, and Sean Cole, with Kelvino, Treyson Green, and Jake Giller at the helm of the WaterWave takeover. Tarxan and Westside Kobe, along with NDO, came through in what was a locally star-studded cast. Headlining late into the night, Saint Paul legend Bobby Raps was ready for his first live performance since the pandemic.


With deep ties and genuine love, there was no way for this event to fail. A fan who came to see Bobby Raps said this was “the most electric live event” at the Pour House. Supporters for the three WaterWave artists on the ticket came out in numbers, ready for Jake Giller, Kelvino, & Treyson Green to take the stage. Talking to Jake Giller before the event, he expressed how “manifestation is a real thing”. There was a clear sense of greater purpose for these WaterWave artists that night. Fans expressed excitement in hearing songs like 3PEAT, VACATION, & No No No from each of the respected performers. Fan feedback of Kelvino being “perfectly melodic” came across without hesitation, with the genre-blending artist getting everyone up on their feet early. Jake Giller brought the bars out to Downtown, commanding the stage with engaging delivery and impressive breath control. Treyson Green and company were able to have the scene jumping with a familiar favorite in his song, No No No. Undeniable in his hustle and the host for the evening, Eric (Ricky) from WaterWave was able to guide this event to its deserved success through real stage work, getting the atmosphere in the room just right. Ticket buyers at the Pour House were seen quickly adding the creators on Instagram, expanding the fan base within minutes.





Electric performances from Tarxan & Westside Kobe with special guests also took center stage, inviting even more contagious vitality. The event's fluidity was commendable, with poise to back it up. Performances through the night did not let up, with each artist bringing something new to the table. With anticipation for Bobby Raps at its peak, the Minnesota legend comes back home for what was his first live show since the pandemic.



The welcome was lively; it was time for Bobby Raps. Stage control has never been in shortage for Bobby Raps, commanding the tone of his set in significant style. Early supporters of Bobby Raps and fellow Minnesota legend Corbin were in the building. Their song together, Welcome to the Hell Zone, served as the calling card of the night. Everyone in attendance appreciated an intimate track that did major numbers early in their respective careers. Fans raved about the headlining set, saying how “personal and engaging” Bobby Raps’s appearance was. With WaterWave & Bobby having rooted ties, it was a special moment for Minneapolis to have this event excel the way it did. There seems to be a through-line within WaterWave, which stems from hard work. There is no denying that WaterWave’s events get bigger every time. As a result, every venue in Minneapolis has been put on notice, time and time again. The climb is just beginning. Constantly leveling up, the WaterWave hype train is not looking to slow down soon. The mission to bring Minnesota artists together to push the culture forward has never been more prevalent. What was accomplished that night at the Pour House cannot be overlooked within the more considerable scope of events in Minneapolis. Giving artists a platform in their city is a recipe for rapid growth; WaterWave repeatedly plays an active role in the integrity of creators throughout the Twin Cities. With the summer quickly approaching, you will not want to miss the next City Takeover.


@waterwavetv on Instagram & Youtube

Writer - @joshuabadroos on Instagram

photos by @itsjacksonbates on Instagram

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