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Quarantine Cookin': How COVID Created a Hip-Hop Avelanche

Back when the pandemic first hit, finding motivation was like pushing a boulder up a mountain.

With venues closed and studios on lockdown, a select few weaponized quarantine as a head start...Enter Rock-Solid Music Group, an up-and-coming record label right here in the Twin Cities.

Founded in the summer of 2020, RSMG sports a slew of diverse, hyper-driven artists in everything from heavy trap to melody-rich R&B.

Riding their prolific work rate, the crew hosts shows all around the Twin Cities, even tackling the legendary First Ave; an impressive feat for a label born in the pandemic.


I sat down with CEO Jeloni Hudson to hear how his plan for a Hip-Hop renaissance started and where it's headed as we fly through the new year...

What does it mean for you and your team to recieve the type of buzz you’ve been getting?

When we first started two summers ago, we were the stereotypical 'dollar and a dream' story you've heard a million times. So if you'd have told me then that less than two years later, we'd be throwing shows like this? It's unreal. I can't say enough about how grateful we are for a platform like this. We're here.

📸 Instagram: jelonihudson

What is it about Minneapolis hip-hop that resonates with you as an entrepreneur?

Man, I love this community. It's crazy how many talented artists are cutting their teeth here as we speak. My thing though is that I feel like MN hasn't even scratched the surface of their potential. My goal is to bring the community closer as opposed to some of the cliques you see forming. It's great to have a tight inner circle, but it's vital that you're still tapping into other groups and individuals in the area who are chasing the same dream you are. The more we tap in together, the faster we put Minneapolis on the worldwide map.


Now that we’ve heard from the boss man, it's time to meet the crew…

Artist: FreQQ

Mini Bio:

This is freqq coming at you! But my government name is Conor McQuiston, I'm an artist out of NE Minneapolis.

I've already dropped a couple of tracks including (Different Prespectives)(Riding My Wave)(Luv U 4 Ever) and my newest track (Mixing Addictions) I also have a EP dropping called When It Rains It Pours it's about all the kinda fucked up things that happened to me this past year. And I'm Putting it all out there for all of you!

I started writing music when I was 14. I wrote a verse with one of my homies and fell in love! Love at first sight type shit. So I ran with it, one thing I want from the game and music as a whole is recognition. After that first verse I wrote it felt like destiny and there's no other way to go but up. And I know for a fact Rock Solid is gonna get me there! Aye ayeeee we boutta fly High, love y'all!



Artist: Tandy

Mini Bio:

From a 16 year old kid to a 26 year old father, I’ve always been fascinated by music. From “competing” with friends and family on finding new music, to freestyles in the car, to SoundCloud/Spotify/Apple Music tracks getting THOUSANDS of plays, I’ve always loved the way music tends to release every negative thought in my head.

In 2021, I started my journey of being an artist. I never would’ve thought that in that crazy year, I’d have done the things I’ve done, and achieved the things I’ve achieved.

I performed at some of the biggest venues in MN, I released an album, entitled, “Unfortunate” and I started a clothing line. Blessed be, I met a lot of dope ass people along the way.

This next year, I have a lot in the works. Shows, music a small project in February, another in July, an album in August and another in October.



Artist: Taurean Wright

Mini Bio:

Music is the #1 most influential thing on this planet. As an artist, all I really want is for people to believe in themselves. I view my music as a way to rise in my own personal journey while sharing it with the world, and I want my fans to be able to take the experiences I put in my music and apply them to their life. This year I really want to focus on truly connecting with people through music; not having to worry about making hits, songs that’ll get popular on tik tok, etc.... just music that is really going to resonate with the people who need it.”



Artist: XAVIER

Mini Bio: I’m just doing me! I want people to come along for the ride no matter what I make whether it be RnB, hiphop or whatever. I feel like currently people are sonically looking for artist with the same sound and I’m just a lil different. it’s not good it’s not bad, it’s just different … I’m on my own wave 🌊 on my own island 🏝 I can’t argue about it really. my favorite is to be the underdog and show people what I really got & make em watch.. & truly that’s even more prominent in my acting so now that I am doing music and all this I just gotta apply the same pressure. I’m extremely excited for what comes in 2022 as I will be releasing a couple of projects, songs and miscellaneous content through the year. RECKLESS dropping on Jan  31st as well Taurean Wright and I have TBA EP dropping FEB 14th


Artist: Jayoo

Mini Bio:

Upon entering the music industry, I dream of touching the world with my soul and compassion. My love for humanity expressed through my words, is what I live for.

Music has given me the opportunity to open up something bigger for my community, family, love ones and for those we’ve lost along the way.

The journey may not be easy, but the vision remains clear for myself and my team! This year for 2022 I have an immense amount of projects to share, to liberate and touch many lives that are around me.

As an artist, I want people to see me behind the lyrics. That writing about black movements, or about how love has hurt and changed me, can lead to someone finding their own voice to SPEAK! 

“Intermission of Pain” will be my first project; with feature songs like “Throw” and “Enemy.” Mixed in with incredible artists such as Taurean Wright, Freqq, Tandy and so much more!   Each song with enticing lyrics, will capture listeners into wondering; what can pain look like during the “intermission phase?” I look forward to blessing my fans in 2022; and helping everyone believe that they have a voice too! 



Artist: JAYVON

Mini Bio:

Whats good its JAYVON! I was born and raised in Minneapolis and I been in this bitch my whole life pretty much. I bring that feel-good shit that you can relate to or make you wanna get up and chase it. Mixed with that lavish shit that make you wanna go to the lot and cash out on a Benz type music. But I love to sit down and make that real shit from the soul and I love to do some shit for the ladies. Y’all definitley gone have something you can ride around in yo lil whip to when you in yo feelings. Dont worry.

I been getting more comfortable on the mic song by song lyric by lyric. My versatility has been expanding through my love for music growing and working with different writers, producers, and engineers that give me a different eye and help me explore my ranges. Within the next year y’all can expect to see me expanding my catalog with some crazy hits and projects you can play on repeat fasho. The proof is in the pudding though so imma let y’all decide that one.

I’ve found so much inspiration through covid and becoming close friends with people who have made crazy marks in the industry like 10K Caash, D.J. K.i.D, and the guys on the Water Spectrum team. We used to just sit on call of duty in the lobby for hours and id hear my niggas Taz and Kid going back and forth about plugins to use on vocals, best kits to use for drums on beats, all that shit and I sat there and was noting all of that shit and started learning how to engineer and produce so I could do my own shit. They all drop so much free game on all ends that help me expand my artistry and being able to hit up these guys up when I need help from experienced ends is a huge blessing.

Its been so many years writing and recording behind the scenes I can’t even explain it. I’ve put so much behind this shit and 2022 was the year I decided I was ready. Imma let this shit come to life and let the work do what the work do. I can’t wait for what the future provides and what the ride up brings for me. See y’all at the top!



So, whether you're an aspiring artist eager for your chance to shine or just a die-hard Hip-Hop fan, look no further than Rock Solid Music Group.

You can catch the cutting-edge MCs tonight as they’re set to part the Red Sea! Show starts at 7 P.M.


Hard not to smell what these rocks are cooking!*

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-Cameron Hernandez

*Yeah, I fucking said it.


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