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Wellness is the New Currency

We are swiftly approaching 2 full years of an immersed pandemic that still has us in a time warp. The abrupt reality settled in without hesitation, upending the daily lives of people around the world. There are many problems at the forefront of new standards to be met, but none quite as pressing as our health. Scrambling to avoid the virus by any means, the general public were almost forced to look at their health habits in a much more humbled approach. The importance in curating a healthy body and mind is more relevant than ever before, driving people to put their overall wellness first. Those at Peer Pressure Fitness in Minneapolis are on a mission to do just that. An inspiring space to right one's health has never looked or felt so cool. There’s an undeniable energy that this gym provides that makes it more than a gym. From the open studio format to the genuine trainers and staff, it becomes a community.

In speaking with Caroline Peterson, Director of Operations at Peer Pressure Fitness, it was clear that the goal of their team was authentic and achievable. Caroline mentioned that ‘wellness is the new currency”, a phrase we could all take to heart in times where protecting our energy becomes increasingly difficult. Peer Pressure Fitness thrives on helping people put their mental and physical wellness first, leading to successes in other areas of our respective lives. A study from the New York Post and Freeletics showed that Americans exercised on average 25% more since the start of the pandemic, prompting that the rest of the nation is following suit. The actual act of going to the gym is a luxury we may have taken for granted, while we had to lay down our yoga mats and dumbbells next to the bedroom dresser. Peer Pressure Fitness thrives on a collective based approach, allowing its members to find motivation in each other for optimal results. Whether that be through group yoga classes or rigorous bootcamp courses, the pressure is always on to create diamonds.

When asking about the location of Peer Pressure Fitness, Caroline informed me that they landed on the property by chance. Caroline stated that it ‘felt naturaland they were ready to set up shop from the jump. Found on Lake Street, the surrounding businesses and neighbors have taken well to the new gym in town, embracing a rich cultural attribute in the heart of Minneapolis. The building itself is creative in nature, with an open floor plan that makes it feel more like an event center than a gym. The reason for that being, it was actually built to be an event center. This seems to be a trend within the formatting and design of the space, attracting artists of all kinds to come in and find that balance of creating and maintaining a healthy headspace in the process. It provides an unrepeated atmosphere that stands out from other commercial gyms. At Peer Pressure, it’s easier to find a groove within the aesthetic in which you are putting in work. A feature that catches the eye of all members and visitors is that of the artwork by local artist Kellan David. The pieces can be found spread across the walls, on the main and top floor, consisting of stunning modern visuals following themes of self worth, determination and readiness to better oneself.

There is a palpable sense of self within the building that can only be found where hard work meets all walks of life. Networking and engaging with others may not be on our minds when we think of our trip to the gym, this local business flips that notion on its head, allowing members to use the space in a much more social nature. From the physical and mental work that goes into healing, to the actual events that are held in the lobby space, that idea of being in it together is always a priority for the owners at this local gym. The opportunity to join is as ready as ever with their ultra affordable memberships and state of the art equipment. With their 1 year anniversary on the horizon, Peer Pressure Fitness has plans to bring wellness towards its future members, hoping to push their mantra forward to create a more cohesive and healthy environment for everyone involved, from Lake St. to Como. It’s the perfect opportunity to support your own needs while supporting a local business. Take care of yourself in whatever capacity you can, you deserve it. on Instagram

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