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Flicky Flow: How Rich Pedro Slings ‘Real Za’ in the 612

As we roll into 2022, few rappers in Twin Cities hip-hop have more momentum than Chicago native Rich Pedro.

Hailing from the Windy City, Pedro‘s been busy in the booth since his move to Minneapolis, dropping dozens of singles, a debut album, and countless visuals in the last year alone.


But rap isn't Pedro's only hustle, as his clothing brand, ‘Real Za‘ has shaped him into one of MN hip-hop‘s most versatile brands.



The 26-year-old recently sat down with our very own Ricky on last week‘s WWTV podcast, giving fans a glimpse into the club-thumping MC’s attack plan for 2022…


What's the vision behind your clothing brand ‘Realza’?

So ‘Realza’ is something that's synonymous with weed, but my vision is that the term can apply to anything that's top-shelf. That's really where the clothing brand took off. It gave me an outlet, other than hip-hop, to express my unique taste. ‘Realza’ is an expression I use to label anything of high quality (A nice fit, a good meal, a fine girl). That's the thing about being a rapper is you can kind of craft your own lingo, I've always loved putting my own spin on things.

What's the best advice you'd give to local artists?

For me, I've always been the proudest of things that I've committed to fully. It's great to have a passion, but that's just the start. The second I committed myself fully to my passion, the second shit started to shake. It's a simple equation. Most importantly, remember that failure is the best way to expedite your growth!


So when electing your next sound, the ballad is clear: Vote for Pedro.


Pedro’s newest single ‘Flicky’ is available now on all platforms!


-Cameron Hernandez


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