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How J Ham Aced his Audition for 612’s Most Versatile MC

📸 by @visualvibes7

From school plays to Spotify plays, few artists in Minnesota have a creative lens like J Ham.

Between 5 years in Los Angeles and a lifelong theater background, Ham wields a unique blend of pro-experience and performative range.

With his latest project ‘Pink Eggs and Ham: Deluxe’ dropping last month, the 26-year-old rapper/actor started the new year with a splash…

The new album serves as a remaster of Ham’s 2020 project of the same name.


The difference? 4 all-new tracks with a lush variety of sounds and club-jumping rhythms from the versatile MC.

My personal favorite, ‘Rick James’, showcases Ham’s signature quips over a simple but aggressive trap beat.


I had the chance to talk with J about his newest project, his artistic roots, and how his unique brand of creativity primes him for a show-stopping 2022...

Coming from a theater background, how does your stage experience help you as an MC?

The biggest advantage it gave me was 100% just being comfortable with myself on stage. As that happens, you grow a unique confidence in yourself. Performing is all about engaging with the crowd and tailoring your energy to theirs. If you know you've got a banger on deck, you tell everyone to put their hands up and make some fucking noise. Things like that. The more in sync with your environment you feel, the hotter the performance.

Which artists influenced your versatile creative vision?

I think the biggest one that stands out is Donald Glover. He's a swiss-army entertainer. Whether it's rap, acting, stand-up, filmmaking, etc. As someone with a very similar vision, I can't say enough about how influential he's been on my path.

📸 by @visualvibes7

Have your storytelling roots impacted your approach to songwriting?

For sure. My theater experience is huge in that I'm so used to reading scripts and breaking them down. So when I'm writing a song, I'm always looking for clever, biting punchlines to drive my point home. There's a difference between saying shit just to say shit and packing a punch with your bars. The listener always knows the difference.


Powered by technical polish and a bold creative engine, 2022 calls for Ham’s breakout in the Twin Cities’ entertainment scene.

With his first project of 2022 already under his belt, the swiss-army MC looks to keep sharpening his creative blade, one punchline at a time…

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-Cameron Hernandez

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