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No More Parties in LA: Michael Marceles Drops Deadly New Visuals for Latest Track 'Nine Lives'

By taking a solo trip to LA for his first Hollywood-style shoot, Minneapolis artist Michael Marceles is going for the throat. Literally.

Per the premise of his haunting new single 'Nine Lives', the 20-year-old Roseville native illustrates the bloody crossroads between a healthy love life and a sprouting music career.

The video, shot by LA-based filmmaker Jake the Shooter, kicks off with Marceles arguing with his date outside of a lavish mansion party in the hills.

However, things take a deadly turn when she viciously stabs him in the neck. As the young vocalist bleeds out on the pavement, he dies.

But as the sinister tone implies, the afterlife will have to wait...

Instead, Marceles reanimates as a phantom, forced to watch his former fling flirt with living guys as he harmonizes in ghostly pain.


Between lifelong practice, a sharply-refined sound, and his first Hollywood collab now under his belt, Marceles is set on making the most of his 8 remaining lives; one anthem at a time.

Tap into Michael's discography now on all major streaming platforms! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

-Cameron Hernandez

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