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Minnesota Rap Star KayCyy Pluto Unveils Surreal Cover Art for Newest Album

Minnesota native Mark Mbogo, better known as KayCyy Pluto, made waves on Saturday when he announced the release of his newest album, ‘WHO IS KAYCYY”.

The album is set to drop next month, with Mbogo teasing an August release date in a cryptic Instagram post:

What stands out immediately is the cover art; which features a bizarre, colorful illustration by Fresno-based artist, Jerry Blessing. The uniquely warped album design teases a more personal body of work from the Kenyan-born prodigy.

The announcement marks Mbogo’s second album of 2021, as his most recent, ‘Ups and Downs’, an 11-track solo project, dropped last February.

Through his insane work rate, Mbogo has ascended through the industry at break-neck speed, already sporting collaborations with rap titans such as Lil Wayne, Lil Baby and Kanye West, the latter of whose mentorship has paid dividends in the 23 year-old’s exciting trajectory.

As the buzz continues to swell, hip-hop fans will surely be refreshing their feeds for an official release date…

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By: Cameron Hernandez

IG: @Cameron.herna

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