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agelock i used to use for a while Checked the power supply Hmmmm.... How do I access grub as root and rename it? Grub is default selected at boot so I can't get in. cuz. you could be stuck what are you trying to do anyway? Change the name of Ubuntu sda1 sda2 I'm in that now, but it's awkward, and my terminal is gone. So I can't tell the machine what to do. The machine is, what, 2 years old? maybe take your irc client out then? you can alt+tab to get a new terminal you can use alt+f1 to get a different window I want to change the grub name. Like, before it loads sda1 So it shows me the grub menu and I can select whatever. Because, sda1 is windows so change the grub.cfg file ... But how? The machine is in another room. I have to go back there, open a terminal there, change the file, and then move it back. ok you might need a live cd/usb There is no way to do this remotely? or are you using a live cd? We have a live CD but that isn't connected to this computer right now. ok, when you reboot and the live cd is not booted I have no way to connect to this computer. have the option to install ubuntu It's



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Gravostyle 98 Dongle Crack Hasp kapchar

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