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LRTimelapse Pro 5.2.1 Build 576 (x64) Multilingual kapchar




Mac, the software is perfect for a fast and efficient workflow. The user interface of LRTimelapse is modern, intuitive and offers many features to help you work faster and smarter. {#Sec1} LRTimelapse is a desktop tool for creating professional time lapse sequences. With LRTimelapse you can work comfortably on both . Windows and . Mac computers, and the software is fast and easy to use. LRTimelapse provides you with a modern, professional user interface and offers many features that will make your work more efficient and faster. For example, you can edit directly into the sequence after importing, or you can edit between your source files (as ..mlv or.rtp) by using the timeline. In the timeline you can place keyframes for manual adjustments or keyframes for adjustment using the value curve. LRTimelapse has a range of useful features: {#Sec2} ● Time correction ● Camera tracking ● Editing into sequence ● Keyframe management ● Easy adjustments ● Depth of field ● Batch processing ● Output to . mlv and .rtp ● Optimized workflows ● Support for ..mlv and .rtp ● Adjustment layers ● Motion blur ● Footage stabilization ● Custom compositing ● Custom keyframe animations ● Volumetric rendering ● GoPro camera support ● Support for framesteps ● Single and double file processing ● Import of external libraries ● Support for camera/lens intercoms ● Video insertion ● Multi-core processing {#Sec3} LRTimelapse 5 {#Sec4} ------------- LRTimelapse 5 is a huge release, both with feature additions and with a completely new look and feel. The interface has been redesigned and the user experience is improved throughout. In addition, there are many new features and enhancements, as well as the ability to process longer sequences. The following sections describe the new features and enhancements in detail:



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LRTimelapse Pro 5.2.1 Build 576 (x64) Multilingual kapchar

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