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Gemalto Classic Client Windows 7 Download sallven




sno: can you post a screenshot? hitsujiTMO: sno: can you restart the client please? hitsujiTMO: ok sno: that is not a server issue: hitsujiTMO: it worked this time hitsujiTMO: ok so i assume this is a ubuntu issue. hitsujiTMO: thanks anyway! no problem sno: Launchpad bug 1090648 in apt (Ubuntu Precise) "Installing new package results in error "Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."." [High,Triaged] Catshrimp: ok, and you're doing the upgrade? hitsujiTMO, i'm not sure what a _default_ state would be. i think a default state would need to match my needs, which is not something i can decide by default. hitsujiTMO: I did the last line What does it mean if my battery keeps getting lower, even though I'm not doing anything (not even CPU-intensive)? hitsujiTMO, so you're proposing the "try to match the default". this sounds like a very vague concept to me. hitsujiTMO: I just tried to do a apt-get upgrade does this happen to other people? and all the packages are held Sven_vB: sorry,




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Gemalto Classic Client Windows 7 Download sallven

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