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Twin Cities Rapper Juney B Teases Vibrant New Clip For Latest Track “Bonus”

Minneapolis Hip-Hop artist Juney B kicked up serious buzz on Instagram Thursday when he dropped a sneak peek of the upcoming visuals for his newest single, “Bonus”.

The clip, which features crisp color tones, high-energy camera movement, and Juney B’s signature poise, marks yet another checkpoint on the talented native’s steady climb up the Minneapolis Hip-Hop mountain.

Within just minutes of the news, the hype flame was already ignited, as several of the artist’s loyal followers took to Instagram to fan the firestorm around the latest work from one of the area’s most promising young stars.

Between this most recent video, a growing army of loyal fans, and his single ‘I Get High’ having reached nearly 100,000 plays on Spotify, it’s been exhilarating to watch this young MC’s rise into underground stardom.

However, despite his rising status, Juney B still pays homage to his roots, as one of his most popular tracks “I’m So Minneapolis”, assures local listeners that the up-and-comer still honors his upbringing in the ‘612’.

When asked about his vision for the rest of 2021, Juney B was clear: “To keep applying consistent pressure and go into ‘22 without a reasonable doubt that my team and I are making it out of the Midwest and that we’re the best doing it here in Minnesota!”

What’s your mission statement for your newest track, ‘Bonus’?

“To let everybody know that I'm really THAT; this ain't a facade! I'm here to stay and I can really keep creating a variety of different music at a high level FOR ALL EARS.”, the 22 year-old revealed to me in a brief interview on Saturday.

With the video set to drop this Friday, be sure to follow WaterWave TV on Instagram for the first word on all things Minnesota Hip-Hop!

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