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SOLANA Drops Latest Summer Vibe ‘XTC’

Artwork by Instagram: @d.illustratess 🎨

As the dog days of summer roll in, Minneapolis artist SOLANA is curating your lake day playlist with his latest vibe, ‘XTC’.

Written in a beachfront penthouse in Honolulu, ‘XTC’ brings a swift Hawaiian breeze to SOLANA’s fast-growing discography.

Artwork by Instagram: @d.illustratess 🎨

Track Review:

Produced by MN Hip-Hop group White Henny, the opening chords roll in smoothly, plopping you on the beach with a rolled blunt under a tropical sunset.

As the chorus hits, the 808s roll in like waves, strong yet complimentary to a crisp hi-hat pattern.

With his signature harmonics and smooth cadence, SOLANA’s hook is catchy and simple, making it your go-to track for any summer kickback.

The verses also mix seamlessly into the chorus, a small yet crucial detail for any hit track.

All in all, ‘XTC’ is ideal for any outdoor vibe you find yourself in; it’s laid-back romantic tone also makes it perfect for a sex playlist.

Listen here!


Artwork by Instagram: @d.illustratess 🎨


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-Cameron Hernandez

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