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SOLANA and Brea Scow Drop Latest Track ‘Fever Dream’

This past Monday, alt-R & B artsit Solana and vocalist/producer Brea Scow released their first collab single 'Fever Dream'.

Since meeting in the local open mic scene, the pair's synergy speaks for itself, namely on this latest track...



 Track Review:

'Fever Dream ' is a wavy RnB dream who's initial creation, per Solana, came from the throes of a bad cold, hence the title.

The ethereal feel of the beat pairs tightly with sharp lyrics woven seamlessly into a catchy hook.

The end result is a spacy, 'in your feels' vibe perfect for a late-night drive.

The track's release is accompanied by a music video with the two artists bathed in a surreal purple hue.

The set portrait shots and wavy effects lend themselves tightly to the hypnotic spirit of the track.

The video was shot in-house, with Solana behind the camera and Scow taking the lead in the editing booth.

In tandem with the original mix: A slowed track (aka the Insomnia Remix). Solana stated that a slowed version was unique yet fitting in driving home the theme of the track.


Tap in with SOLANA and Brea Scow 🌊🎶

Listen Now! ⬇️ 👀


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-Cameron Hernandez

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