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Rapper Fre$hhcobar releases debut album “Real Ri$ktaker”

Fre$hhcobar’s debut album, “Real Ri$ktaker,” was released on Friday, June 16th. The up-and-coming rapper is circulating within the Twin Cities hip-hop scene for his smooth delivery and relaxed melodic style.

Since “Real Ri$sktakers” features Fre$hhcobar’s first installments in his catalog, newer fans are starting to tune in.

The album features tracks like "Spin & Spin", which offers listeners a variation of the trap genre that is not often heard in the Twin Cities. On par with the rest of his style, Fre$hhcobar looks to stand out in terms of his singular MO.

WaterWave TV chatted with Fre$hhcobar for more insight on his debut album.

How did the name “Real Ri$ktaker” come about for this album? Does it play into the overall theme of the project?

“I’m a high-risk, high-reward type, and I’m not afraid to fail. The album name is an introduction to my music.”

Sonically, how would you describe the album?

“Mainly, my music is more melodic, that melodic type of hip-hop with a lazy flow. It’s a mellow type of rap. I don’t really rap violent or anything like that.”

A great example of Fre$hhcobar’s mellowed-out delivery can be heard on the feature single for the album, “FDR”. The track highlights the artist’s smooth approach to trap music, with his voice being a standout component to his growing signature style.

Who are some of your influences in music?

“On a music tip, I don’t really have a direct inspiration. I was more motivated by close friends and family to make music. They gave me more inspiration than bigger artists. Lifestyle-wise, I’m motivated by artists like Future, Lil Uzi, A$AP Rocky… I just like the lifestyle.”

Who is Fre$hhcobar outside of being an artist?

“I just like to hustle. I like being around people that hustle.”

That hunger and hustle is evident in Fre$hhcobar’s demeanor and aura. With an already clear sense of identity, the artist can capitalize on his musical pursuits.

What do you think about Minnesota hip-hop?

“If the musicians and actual creatives keep on pushing like they are now, I think it’ll bring a lot of attention to Minneapolis. As far as where I fit in the scene, I don’t really think I’m that much in the scene. I just moved back from Los Angelos and down south, so I haven’t moved back to Minneapolis since spring 2018. I pop in from time to time. I think with a little more exposure; people will naturally gravitate to my music.”

What was the album-making process like?

“The reason why it took me so long is because I don’t like to force shit. I might write the first couple bars to get the type of flow I try to get into. Otherwise, I kind of punch in to be honest. I feel like it sounds better, at least for me.”

This project crafting approach allows Fre$hhcobar a higher level of creative freedom. The impromptu preface to his music shows itself within his flow.

Favorite track off the album?

“I would say “Creeping by my window” or “Movie Roll.” I like those because of how they were created with the vibes in the studio at the time.”

Twin-Cities hip-hop fans have another voice to tap into. Fre$hhcobar’s leisurely delivery will stay in rotation as summer hits its stride.

The album can be streamed now on Spotify and Apple music. Fans should also pay a visit to Fre$hhcobar's youtube page for visuals as well.

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