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Minnesota's Music Scene

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

The music scene in Minnesota has come a long way from our beloved Prince and has yet to see a star as bright since. However things are beginning to stir up in the Twin Cities once more due to a wave of ambition for fame and riches, inspired by the Rap game as of late; and at the forefront of this uproar we have the wave itself ‘Water Wave TV’. A young motivated collective of former college students, turned artist/videographers; trying to bring all of Minnesota’s hidden talent to the light. Thus far we’ve gotten a taste of how everyone feels about the artists being displayed to put our city on the map next through the “Minnesota Underground Top 25 Music Artists” list constructed by the founder of WWTV Eric Geisthardt Jr.

There has been a slight controversy after the release of the list which dropped July 16, 2019 whether it was because of artist placement or people not knowing who the artist was in general. Despite the few negative comments; the artists on the list seem to be doing well for themselves streaming and follower count wise, opposed to some of the suggested artists. Apart from number count, the deciding factor for the musicians on the list was to due to their overall body of work as far as music released, their image, and also their productivity in marketing themselves as such artist. Whether you were on the list or not it seems to have sparked a fire in many people’s heart which is exactly what the Minnesota music scene needs if we want to be known for producing reputable artists in this industry.

Article Written by: Elliott Kerby

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