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Minneapolis Artist Libianca Makes Waves on NBC’s The Voice

Minneapolis based artist Libianca photographed at her audition on NBC’s The Voice

Libianca made waves on social media after videos of her audition, covering the song Good Days by SZA, went viral. It was clear from the moment she sang her first note, this would not be just any contender on a show like The Voice. Coming in with her own twist to the single, Libianca was able to capture everyone’s attention almost immediately, including the judges. Ariana Grande was the first judge to turn her chair around. There was some fan engagement on the topic of Libianca choosing Blake Shelton as her coach. Whoever her coach is, Libianca is making a statement and generating a lot of buzz, with Minneapolis behind her through the process. Libianca has an ultra smooth sound in her R&B inspired tracks, leaving audiences wanting more of her unique style and output on stage. Voting begins soon and by the looks of it, the Minneapolis singer/songwriter has great energy to push her forward from the jump. With a strong presence and plenty of poise, Libianca and her journey on The Voice will be exciting to follow.

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