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Libianca Soars with Style, Onto Live Playoffs

On the night of October 25th, the Nation saw a star come into her own on NBC’s The Voice. Libianca stole the hearts and ears of viewers across the country with her incredible twist on the hit song Everything I Wanted, from artist Billie Eilish. The program was able to give Libianca some solo air time, allowing the audience to hear her story in a more formal manner. We heard the Minneapolis based singer express her connection to music and what it means to her in times of comfort and distress. Talking about her move to the States from Cameroon, viewers were able to hear Libianca talk about her separation anxiety. Emotional during her rehearsal with guest coach Ed Sheeran, it was clear what this moment and experience meant to Libianca. This was clearly a win in the show's ratings, as Libianca has made major waves on Twitter because of this exposure. This is the transition where Libianca goes from hometown hero to a majority fan favorite across the Country. Always styled with absolute grace and swagger, the singer credited her designer for the show, Andrea McInnes, for her incredibly elegant look for her big moment. The outfit was a topic of discussion amongst the judges as well, with fans on Twitter and Instagram already admiring it from home. Hailey Green was the competition for Libianca during the knockouts, leaving it up to the judges for the final time. Libianca was able to follow up her opponent's act with such poise, it was evident this was her moment. Through a keen sense of vocal range, Libianca left everyone in a trance, wanting more by the end of her performance. Libianca has officially arrived on a global scale. Head coach Blake Shelton talked about his tough decision, ultimately stating that there was no way he was sending Libianca home. The show has come down to its final 20 singers, setting up the live playoffs to take place as the next step to climb. During these live shows, fan engagement is going to be critical in pushing artists to advance to championship rounds, an area where Libianca has taken an early edge over her opponents. The 612 will undoubtedly show up in the voting polls, accompanied by new fans all over the Country. A story to follow and an artist to fall in love with, Libianca is on track for whatever she has worked for. Be sure to check out the latest knockout round on The Voice’s Youtube channel if you missed it. You will not want to miss anymore of this incredible talent going forward.

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