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Libianca Advances to the Knockouts

Minneapolis singer Libianca has advanced to the knockout stages on The Voice. Last Tuesday’s broadcast of the show did not feature Libianca much, only giving her a couple minutes of airtime through the program. Fans were disappointed that the network did not allow us to see the performance in its entirety, but with Libianca making it past the battle rounds, we look forward to seeing her continue her journey on the show. The battles were set up for two contestants to perform alongside each other, ultimately coming down to the judges for a decision on who bested the other during their time on stage. Libianca was paired with Tommy Edwards, another contestant on the show. The two performed a remix of the song Save Your Tears by The Weeknd. It was clear to the viewers as well as the judges that the stronger singer was Libianca, as she was picked to move on to the knockout rounds in next week’s program. Her coach Blake Shelton was able to say a few words about Libianca during the broadcast highlighting the singer’s unique voice that he himself is excited about going forward in the competition. It seems like Libianca has caught the eyes and ears of many through her sharp sense of style and incredible tone of voice. The knockout rounds will prove to be a challenge, one that Libianca seems ready to conquer.

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